Attorney David E. Lewis Can Help You With Your Marion County Meth Charges

If you’ve just been released on bail for crystal meth charges in Marion County, Indiana, a licensed criminal defense attorney is your only chance at avoiding the maximum penalties for your meth charges. Fortunately, the Law Office of David E. Lewis is here to help you defend your Indianapolis drug crimes!

Continue reading to learn how Attorney David E. Lewis and his team can build you a strong and impactful defense to reduce or dismiss your meth amphetamine charges in Marion County.

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Meth Crimes DEMAND Aggressive Criminal Defense

If you were recently charged with possession or attempting to distribute meth, it is vital to hire a seasoned criminal defense lawyer with the skills to build you an impactful defense for the sole purpose of reducing or dismissing your charges, or entering into an alternative sentencing agreement. David E. Lewis, Attorney at Law, is your solution to avoiding the maximum penalties for drug charges. Regardless of where your meth amphetamine charges originate from, our esteemed criminal defense law firm can take on your case in Marion County, as well as, throughout all of Indianapolis.

We will work around the clock to ensure your rights are protected and your freedoms are preserved. You don’t want to go to jail, and we don’t want that for you either! Our top priority to avoid jail time. From there, we use every resource and defense in our power to aggressively fight your charges, and reduce your penalties as much as possible. You can potentially avoid heavier fines, extended probation and parole, community service, rehabilitation, and more.

We are a JUDGEMENT-FREE Law Firm

The Law Office of David E. Lewis is dedicated to providing personalized case assistance and legal defense in an environment free of judgement. We are in this profession to help clients get their lives back on track after being charged with a misdemeanor or felony drug crime. Meth amphetamine is a serious drug that can render infinite and permanent life consequences, which is why he is also here to provide clients with resources for addiction counseling and management.

Get in Touch Today to Start Building an Impactful Drug Defense

Call the Law Office of David E. Lewis at 317-636-7514 to discuss your recent meth charges in Indiana. He is the tough and experienced Indianapolis drug crimes lawyer that will stop at nothing to protect and preserve your constitutional rights. Not only does our law firm invest every ounce of effort we possess into obtaining better-quality outcomes for our client’s cases, we also help our clients get on a path to recovery and rebuilding their lives after a drug addiction or federal charge.

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