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See if you qualify for Indiana criminal record expungement in 2021 by calling the Law Office of David E. Lewis Today! Act fast, before this law is repealed and your chance at a better future is lost forever!

Don’t Let the Choices of Your Past Hold You Down in 2021. Take Back Control of Your Life With Indiana’s Second Chance Law.

How to Expunge Criminal Records in 2021

Better job opportunities, better education, better housing, and more are all cases in which a poor criminal history can affect your quality of life. But that does not have to be your life this year! You might finally qualify for criminal record expungement in Indiana! Attorney David E. Lewis is your solution to cleaning up an inaccurate or long-past criminal record that has been holding you back ever since your initial arrest in Indiana.

Attorney David E. Lewis Will Ensure Your Petition is Filed Correctly

Attorney David E. Lewis is an aggressive criminal defense lawyer that offers professional assistance and counseling for those who wish to petition for criminal record expungement and record sealing in Indiana. The petitioning process is tedious and complex, so mistakes are common and simple to make. But you can only apply once in your life and one little mistake will get your application denied. He is your best chance at filing correctly so that you are not denied based on a simple clerical error or missed deadline.

Don’t Qualify Yet? Well You Might Next Year in 2022 or the Year After!

In the case that you do not qualify for criminal record expungement this year, there is no need to worry! You may still qualify to have your criminal and arrest records sealed instead of expunged. Or, you may just have to wait another year or two. It all depends on several eligibility factors. If you are unclear of the difference, then you are the same as thousands of fellow Hoosiers! Simply talk to Attorney David E. Lewis about your options for cleaning up your criminal record, and get started on a path towards opportunity and happiness!

Common Criminal Record Expungement Qualification Factors Include:

► Type of Arrest, Charge, or Conviction
► Severity of Conviction
► Time Passed Since Date of Arrest
► Your Current or Pending Legal Matters
► The Accuracy of Your Petition
► And More

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