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A DUI conviction doesn’t have to ruin your life. Choose a seasoned criminal lawyer to fight for your rights and preserve your freedoms by building you an aggressive and impactful defense against your alleged drunk driving charges. Choose Attorney David E. Lewis, today.

Indianapolis DUI Lawyer 317-636-7514

Indianapolis DUI Lawyer 317-636-7514

DUI Charges Call For Serious Representation

There’s not just one DUI crime in Indiana. There are actually several types of DUI charges a person can face; none of which are penalized the same way. Furthermore, “driving under the influence” doesn’t just pertain to alcohol; it also describes controlled substances or a combination of substances that cause a person to be intoxicated. No matter which DUI charge you are arrested for, if convicted, they can all have serious effects on your life if you do not choose qualified and aggressive private legal counsel. T

rust experienced DWI lawyer, David. E. Lewis, to craft an impactful and strong defense on your behalf, and relieve you of all the stress and worry that comes with a DUI charge. He can secure your constitutional rights and fight for a sentence that preserves employment, limits unjust license suspensions, and caters to the unique needs of your home and family circumstances.

Avoid Max Penalties for DUI Convictions

If convicted of a DUI in Indiana, you could be facing a wide range of penalties based on the specifics of your case. Standard consequences often include jail time, license suspension, probation, fines, and a permanent mark on your criminal record. But there are additional penalties defendants can as well depending on their individual circumstances and criminal history. These include substance abuse education courses, mandatory attendance at victim impact panels, routine urine tests, ankle monitors, ignition interlock devices, and more.

Indiana is an Implied Consent State

In Indiana, every driver that is legally licensed automatically agrees to a legal obligation called “implied consent.” This means licensed drivers agree to surrender to alcohol testing by a law enforcement officer if requested. Refusal to submit to alcohol testing is an offense that results in an automatic 1 year drivers’ license suspension, effective immediately at the time of arrest, and then will also subject them to SR22 high risk auto insurance for 3 years following the arrest. This happens whether a person is guilty or not of intoxicated driving.

Indianapolis DUI Defense

David E. Lewis Attorney at Law

David E. Lewis Attorney at Law 317-636-7514

Here at The Law Office of David E. Lewis, we understand just how upsetting a DUI charge can be for a person and their family. That is why we are firmly committed to making our clients our top-priority, guiding them through this difficult time with care and compassion. We never back down when it comes to fighting our client’s DUI charges, because we are determined to get them the fairest results no matter how much time and effort it takes.

Furthermore, we don’t just concentrate on reducing or dismissing our clients’ charges, we also make available the necessary resources that will help rebuild their lives and their health after a drunk driving conviction. Call 317-636-7514 to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your DUI criminal charges, today.

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