Can College Students Face Academic Consequences for DUI Charges?

Criminal Defense Attorney 317-636-7514

Criminal Defense Attorney 317-636-7514

When a regular person is pulled over and arrested on a drunk driving charge, they are likely to face a long list of criminal and civil penalties. These penalties commonly include a generous combination of the following reprimands: fines, court costs, community service, probation, drug screening, victim impact panels, ignition interlock devices, ankle monitors, diversion programs, substance abuse rehabilitation, and more.

However, if a college student is arrested for drunk driving, they are likely to face additional consequences. Not only will they face criminal and civil penalties, they are at risk of being penalized academically as well. Continue reading to learn which consequences a college student may face after being arrested on a DUI charge.

Academic Penalties for Drunk Driving Charges

The academic penalties for college students arrested on drunk driving charges vary among universities, with consequences ranging in severity from non-existent to major. Some colleges do not punish at all for criminal charges acquired inside or outside of campus, while others only penalize students if their DUI took place on campus grounds. But there are also handfuls of colleges that do reprimand students for drunk driving convictions. Many of these universities require students to be judged at an academic court hearing first, at which their penalties will be decided and handed down. Such penalties commonly include one or more of the following:

✏ Academic Probation
✏ Suspension
✏ Drug Counseling
✏ Campus Community Service
✏ Alcohol Education Classes
✏ Diversion Programs
✏ Fines
✏ Expulsion

Penalties That Can Go Beyond College

Criminal charges of any kind can also have life-long consequences for college students in terms of future and career as well. Depending on the type and severity of the crime, a student’s ability to obtain a certain professional licenses can be impacted or even revoked. Careers such as teaching, certified education, law enforcement, health care professionals, legal professionals, and more could be impossible or difficult to achieve with a criminal record. For this reason, it is critical to retain private legal representation to defend your criminal charges.

Defense for Academic Penalties

If you are a college student that was arrested for a DUI, it is important to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer at your academic hearing to help you avoid the maximum penalties. If you know your university reprimands students for criminal convictions, namely drunk driving, it is important to retain legal counsel as soon as possible so your criminal lawyer has time to build you a strong and impactful defense before your academic court hearing.

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