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DUI cases are challenging. It takes a really good lawyer to get you a better outcome than the maximum penalties for your crime. If you were recently arrested and now facing drunk driving charges, don’t trust a public defender to do the job you’re looking for them to do, and don’t trust just any lawyer. You need a criminal defense attorney that retains the qualities and credentials that make them great. Continue reading to learn some helpful tips for finding a great DUI lawyer.

What to Look For:


Experience says a lot about a lawyer. The more experience they have, the more knowledge they have about the local criminal processes, procedures, laws, ordinances, and all other aspects of the criminal justice system in your town. You want to look for criminal defense attorney that have at least 10 years of experience in your state. This generally indicates they know which arguments are successful in court, and most likely, have long-standing relationships with the local court houses and prosecutors.

Testimonials and Reviews

Look around online for local criminal defense lawyers, and then research their client testimonials and customer reviews. This will give you a good idea of which lawyers are reputable in your area in which are not so popular or experienced quite yet. Aside from online testimonials and customer reviews, you one also ask around. Ask friends, family members, and coworkers if they have any recommendations for a good criminal defense attorney. Only ask people that you trust since DUI charges are a sensitive topic that is usually kept confidential, especially at work.


It is recommended to look around for law firms that offer consultations to discuss their services and your case. It is a good sign if you find a lawyer who is willing to meet face-to-face, and an even better sign that they offer to do so for free. In fact, free consultations is a common service offered by most criminal defense law firms. Ones that don’t offer free consultations may be questionable.

Cases Won

Track records are important to look for when looking for criminal defense representation. Choose an attorney with a good track record, one with multiple DUI cases won. If they don’t have some case history available for clients to see, or they refuse to provide such information, they may be questionable to work with.


Is a criminal defense lawyer is serious about their career, they usually have a website. Look at websites to learn more about lawyers and their practice. Websites generally have information about office locations, contact information, practice areas, case history, testimonials, pictures, and much more. This is helpful when deciding on a criminal defense attorney to represent your drunk driving case.

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Call David E. Lewis, Attorney at Law, at 317-636-7514 if you need a DUI lawyer in Indianapolis, Indiana. He has decades of experience representing clients in DUI cases, and works around the clock to ensure your rights are protected in your freedoms are preserved. Regardless if you are criminal charges are misdemeanor or felony DUI offenses, he is eager to help you avoid the maximum penalties for your crime. Call 317-636-7514 to schedule a free initial consultation with a trust in Indianapolis criminal defense attorney, today.

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