Important Laws That Pertain to Parents of Teenagers

With the growing technologies and social media platforms of today’s world, parenting a teenager is much different than it used to be. Then of course, you add in the fact that they are driving, hanging out with diverse groups of friends, and gaining a sense of individuality, all at the same time. All of these factors invite the possibility of certain risk. For this reason, as a parent or legal guardian of a minor between the ages of 12 and 17, there are some important laws that you must know and adhere to, in order to remain protected against certain liability and danger.

Continue reading to learn some vital laws that pertain to parents of teens.

Indiana Child Abuse Criminal Defense 317-636-7514
Indiana Child Abuse Criminal Defense 317-636-7514

Underage Drinking Parties

You can be arrested if your teenager is caught throwing a drunken party and drinking alcohol on your property, whether you gave them permission or not. It is your legal responsibility to supervise minors and prevent them from breaking the law. You could be charged with Reckless Supervision, Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, and more. The same legal principles apply to teens smoking cigarettes or e-cigarettes, and doing drugs.

Kicking Your Teens Out of the House

Virtually all states prohibit parents and legal guardians from kicking their teenagers out of the house as a permanent arrangement. Unless a teenager is legally emancipated at 16 or 17, most states consider this act a crime of legal abandonment, and those found guilty can face convictions of child abuse and neglect of a dependent. If a child runs away, parents are still legally required to care for them and get them back home. If a teen runs off and joins the army, they are automatically emancipated, and parents face no legal consequences.

Car Accident Liability

If you allow your teenager to drive your vehicle without proper permits or licensing, you can be arrested and charged with the same types of charges for kicking your teen out of the house, including child neglect. Furthermore, if your teen gets in a car accident and injures another driver or their passengers, you can be held liable in civil court for their damages and losses.

School Attendance and Truancy

Teenagers get to a certain age in which they feel more independent and empowered. In such cases, they may begin to refuse to go to school or show up for class on time. But as a parent or legal guardian, you must do everything in your power to get your child to school, on time, and regularly, otherwise, you can be in violation of local and state school policies if your teen exhibits habitual truancy.

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