Indiana Drug Trafficking Facts for Criminal Defense

If you or someone you love is facing drug trafficking charges in Indiana, it is helpful to learn some facts about the criminal justice system and prosecution process for such charges. Just know that you are not condemned to the maximum penalties for your drug trafficking charges. With the help of an aggressive and experienced Indianapolis criminal defense lawyer, you have a better chance at reducing your charges and avoiding jail time. They can help to protect your rights and preserve your freedoms.

Drug Criminal Defense Lawyer 317-636-7514

Drug Criminal Defense Lawyer 317-636-7514

Drug Trafficking Charges are Very Serious

In Indiana, the judicial systems objective with every case of trafficking and drug dealing laws is to set an example. This means that the penalties are much harsher, and usually always include substantial fines and longer prison sentences.

The level of punishment handed down for a drug trafficking conviction will vary depending on several factors, such as criminal history, amount, enhancements, and the type of drug.

Regardless of variables, virtually all drug trafficking convictions are felonies, ranging from Level 6 felonies to Level 1 felonies. There are various types of drug dealing charges, all of which come with separate levels of punishment.

Common Trafficking Charges Include:

Preparation and/or Packaging
Transporting and/or Shipping

Common Drug Trafficking Defenses:

Illegal Search & Seizure
Mistakes in Case Facts
Suppression of Evidence
No Probable Cause for Search
Drug Misidentification

Who Can Help You?

Drug charges and convictions can effect virtually every aspect of a person’s life, and perhaps the lives of their loved ones. This is especially true for drug convictions since many can continue to negatively affect a person’s life long after they’ve completed their sentence. This is why it is important to appoint a licensed and experienced drug crime defense lawyer to help with your case. A knowledgeable drug crimes attorney is your strongest shot at avoiding jail time and extreme penalties for drug charges.

David E. Lewis Attorney at Law 317-636-7514

David E. Lewis Attorney at Law 317-636-7514

David E. Lewis, Attorney at Law, will build a strong defense for your case to gain a more promising outcome for you and your future. Our criminal law firm never cuts corners when it comes to criminal defense, and we will always go the extra mile for our client’s and their families. We leave no stone unturned when fighting our clients’ criminal charges. Call our office at 317-636-7514 and schedule a free consultation to have your case evaluated, today.

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