Is Marijuana Legal in Indiana Yet?

Anyone from the far past who steps foot into our current world might be shocked to see that recreational and medical marijuana usage has been legalized in so many areas of the world. But even though there are so many states in our very own U.S.A., the Hoosier state is not on board quite yet. Although there have been some lenient changes in some Indianapolis jurisdictions, namely Marion County, marijuana usage, possession, horticulture, distribution, and trafficking are all illegal. This means they also come with strict penalties that will reside within your permanent record, forever.

Continue below to learn the Indiana penalties for marijuana charges, and what you need to do to protect your rights after being arrested for a marijuana crime in Indianapolis.

Marijuana is Not Legal in Indianapolis, Nor Anywhere in Indiana.

The Possible Consequences of Violating Marijuana Laws in Indiana

Whether you call it weed, cannabis, pot, or ganja, marijuana is still illegal here in Indiana. If you are caught in possession or weed, or caught using, dealing, growing, or trafficking, you could face a wide scope of penalties, both on a state and federal level. Even juveniles under the age of 18 will be subjected to legal penalties if arrested or charged with marijuana. From joints, blunts, and pipes, to vape pens, edibles, and more, all forms of marijuana are illegal in our state. Furthermore, it is illegal to buy marijuana in Illinois, Chicago, or other state that has legalized recreational use, and bring it back to Indiana. The only exception to the Indiana marijuana rule is that very recently, Marion County granted legal leniency for minor marijuana offenses.

Common Marijuana Offenses include Possession, Possession w/Intent to Distribute, Manufacturing, and Trafficking / Dealing

Defendants Can Be Penalized Further if:

► Manufacturing Marijuana
► Priors for Dealing Drugs
► Dealing to a Minor
► Dealing to Someone 3 Years One’s Junior
► Possession of Firearm
► Crime Took Place in a Drug-Free Zone
► Crime Took Place in the Presence of Children
► Crime Took Place in on School Grounds or Within 500 Feet
► Crime Took Place in on or Within 500 Feet of a Park or School Bus

How Indiana Penalizes Marijuana Crimes:

►► Under 30 Grams: Class A Misdemeanor – Up to 1 Year in Jail – Up to $5,000 in Fines

►► Over 30 Grams: Level 6 Felony – Up to 3 Years in Prison – Up to $10,000 in Fines

Where to Find Aggressive Criminal Defense for Marijuana Charges in Indiana

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