Restrictions to the Indiana Criminal Record Expungement Process

After expunging your criminal records, you can legally deny any past arrests or charges to employers, landlords, and more. But there are certain limitations to criminal record expungement, and for those who wish to conceal their arrest records, it is in their best interest to learn these restrictions ahead of time.

Continue reading to learn the limitations that go hand-in-hand with expunging criminal records, and who to talk to for additional industry advice and professional counsel.

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A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

When someone wants to explore their options for criminal record expungement, it is important to first and fully understand that a person can only apply and be granted expungement one time in their entire lives. This means you cannot apply to have additional criminal and arrest records expunged after already having your records concealed in the past.

If you decide to pursue criminal record concealment, be sure that all your paperwork, filing, deadlines, and additional requirements are accurate and in-line. Failing to file even one document, or filing it incorrectly, can instantly eliminate your chances of expunging your criminal history, forever. This is why it is vital to enlist the services of a licensed attorney, familiar with your state’s new expungement laws, to facilitate the entire process to ensure that everything is done properly.

Criminal History Priors

Once a person has expunged or concealed their criminal history and arrest records, they can legally state they have never been arrested or charged with a crime to landlords, employers, and more. But if this same person is arrested after their records were concealed from the public, for a petty misdemeanor crime, the prosecutor can still pull up their concealed criminal history and see that they have had priors. This bumps their misdemeanor up to a felony, even though the person’s priors were expunged. Although records can be concealed, law enforcement and government officials will forever have access to a person’s “real” criminal records, and it can be used against them in future arrests.

Serious Vocational Roles

Again, even though a person has had their records concealed from the general public, there are certain entities that can access their true records. With this said, there are also certain vocations that a person might not be eligible for if they have a criminal history because these types of employers can also access their true records. Jobs like government positions, schoolteachers, juvenile services, daycare aides, corrections officer, security guards, court administrative jobs, as well as, professionally-licensed jobs like in the medical or legal field.

Where to Get Help With Criminal Record Expungement in Indianapolis, Indiana

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