Should I Perform a Background Check on Myself?

There are several reasons to perform a background check on someone else. If you are a business manager who plans to hire new employees, you will want to review each applicant’s criminal and work history. If you are looking for potential roommates, you will want to know their criminal and credit history. If you are a landlord preparing to rent out a property to a new tenant, you will also want to know their criminal and credit report, as well as, their rental history. Even those involved in the dating scene are wise to perform a background on a person before agreeing to a first or second date.

Needless to say, there are many cases in which a background check is handy, and even necessary. But have you thought about doing a background check on yourself? You may be surprised what you find. Continue reading to learn why you should take a look at your own personal history report, as well as, where to get started.

Criminal Record Expungement Attorney 317-636-7514
Criminal Record Expungement Attorney 317-636-7514

Online Background Check Databases

Performing a background scan on yourself is beneficial for a few reasons. For one, you can see what type of information is out there about you, and if the information is accurate or not. Second, you are better prepared to answer questions about your criminal, renters, credit, and work history when you have up-to-date information on those specific records. No matter what the reason, this is YOU we’re talking about, so consider running a background check on yourself soon!

Background Check Websites and Portals

Fortunately, you are only performing this scan on yourself, so you can use just about any old site that provides such services. If you were an employer or landlord, for instance, you would have to use the services of a consumer reporting agency (CRA) for legal purposes. These sites use human intelligence rather than a computer to look up your information. The CRA sites are not free and sometimes expensive, but since you are planning to scan yourself, you can use a free online background check database site. There are numerous of these websites online, including PeekYou, The Beat, and White Pages Neighbors.

Most records are available as general public information, so you can also just visit your city’s government website and use their services, which are most likely free of charge also. Consider doing a simple Google search of yourself as well. You would be surprised which photos and content pops up about you, or someone that shares your same name!

Want to Clean Up Your Criminal Record?

If you are not proud of what you find about yourself after completing a background check, consider criminal record expungement services. If you qualify, some states allow you to expunge or conceal past criminal histories so they are not publicly accessible by employers, landlords, and more. Call reputable lawyer that is well-versed in your states criminal expungement laws, and see if criminal record expungement services are right for you!

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