What are the Indiana Laws for Guns?

If you are interested in purchasing a firearm, it is strongly encouraged to educate yourself on the Indiana gun control laws first. Gun control laws are in place to regulate the purchase and use of firearms. And although pretty standard across the board, they do differ from state to state; so whatever laws you are familiar with in another jurisdiction may not be the same as your current place of residence.

Furthermore, there are states that have gun laws that overlap or contradict federal law, making the differentiation quite complex in some cases. So always be sure to review Indiana gun control laws before acquiring or carrying a firearm.

Continue reading to learn the basics surrounding Indiana gun control laws.

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Criminal Defense Law Firm 317-636-7514

Who Can and Cannot Have a Gun

Across the board, regardless of state, both minors and convicted felons are prohibited to own or carry a firearm. However, other states add onto this “who can and who can’t” list. For instance, some states do not permit minors and felons, as well as, those with mental disabilities and illegal aliens, to own or carry a firearm.  

In addition to authorized individuals, states also regulate which types of firearms are legal and which are not. For instance, most states ban sawed-off shotguns, machine guns, silencer guns, armor-piercing bullets, and automatic weapons. To learn more details about gun licensing regulations in Indiana, visit the in.gov firearm licensing webpage.

Indiana Laws

§ 35-47-2-21

In Indiana, those who cannot own or carry a firearm include minors, convicted felons, drug and alcohol abusers, the mentally incompetent, and anyone convicted of a crime involving the misuse of a gun.

There is no imposed waiting period for prospective gun buyers, but certain criteria must be met in order to be approved for ownership.

Firearms that are banned include sawed-off shotguns, machine guns, silencer guns, armor-piercing ammunition, and automatic weapons.

Firearms are not allowed on or near school grounds.

In terms of gun control laws, any case where a state law overlaps with a federal law, federal law prevails.

Learn More About Your Right to Bear Arms

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