What to Do if Immigration Police Show Up at Your Door

With the new threats of deportation looming in every neighborhood across the country, it is important for non-citizens to learn their rights. Especially in the case of immigration police showing up unexpectedly at their door. If you are a non-citizen or foreign national who has been living and working in the United States for a long period of time, you do have rights. And you should know these rights before placing yourself in a sticky legal situation. If immigration police, or ICE, shows up at your door, learn what you should to in order to protect yourself and your freedoms.

The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office (ICE)

Indiana Criminal Defense 317-636-7514

Indiana Criminal Defense 317-636-7514

The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office, also known as ICE, are responsible for upholding homeland security and public safety by enforcing certain federal laws concerning border control, trade, customs, and immigration. If you are a non-citizen, and ICE shows up at your front door, here’s what to do to protect your rights:

DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR. You do have rights, and one of them may be your right to refuse entry to ICE officers. But it depends.

ASK IF THEY HAVE A WARRANT SIGNED BY A JUDGE. Be sure to do this with the door still closed. If the ICE officers insist they have a warrant signed by a judge, ASK TO SEE IT. They can slip it under the door, through a mail slot, or press it against the peep hole.

Here’s what you need to know about an ICE Administrative Warrant:
Forms 1-200 and 1-205 DO NOT allow ICE officers to enter your home without your permission. If you do not consent, they cannot come inside.

With Or Without A Warrant:

DO NOT RESIST. If the ICE officers have a valid warrant signed by a judge, you need to comply with their demands. Simply remain silent and cooperate. Contact a lawyer from jail as soon as you are given phone privileges.

If the ICE officers use force to enter, with or without a warrant, DO NOT RESIST. Remain calm and instruct everyone inside the home to remain absolutely silent. The more combative you are, the more trouble you will experience.

If You Are Arrested:

Remain calm and do not say one word. Do not sign anything or say anything until you have spoken to your lawyer. Call them as soon as you are given phone privileges at jail. Choose an experienced criminal defense attorney to help preserve your rights, your freedoms, and perhaps your citizenship.

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