How to Minimize Penalties Following a DUI Arrest

Getting arrested for drunk driving can be a life-changing experience. Not only do you have to deal with the legal consequences, but also the social stigma that comes along with it. However, even if you’ve been charged with a DUI offense, there are still ways to minimize penalties and avoid long-term consequences. With the help of an experienced DUI lawyer who understands your case and knows all of your options, you may be able to reduce or dismiss your charges altogether.

In this blog post, we will discuss how hiring an attorney can help minimize penalties following a DUI arrest and how they can build a strong defense on your behalf.

Call 317-636-7514 to Speak With a DUI Defense Attorney in Indianapolis IN
Call 317-636-7514 to Speak With a DUI Defense Attorney in Indianapolis IN

Hire a DUI Lawyer to Avoid the Maximum Penalties for Drunk Driving

The first step you should take after a DUI arrest is to hire an experienced drunk driving lawyer. Your attorney will be able to review your case and advise you on the best course of action for your particular situation. A knowledgeable DUI attorney has specific knowledge about drunk driving laws and can challenge elements of the prosecution’s argument from both legal and technical perspectives. In some cases, they may even be able to contest scientific evidence or witness testimony in order to reduce charges or dismiss them completely.

Your attorney will also have insight into how prosecutors approach DUI cases, which can help them negotiate with the court in order to obtain lesser sentences or reduced fines when possible. In addition, they can work with you to create a compelling defense strategy that includes mitigation evidence, such as a prior history of good deeds or extenuating circumstances that may have contributed to the offense.

Furthermore, your drunk driving lawyer can provide guidance on how to best prepare for court and any other administrative proceedings related to your case. This includes helping you understand the specific laws of your state and advising you on how to speak respectfully during appearances and hearings. They will also assist in developing an effective sentencing plan with authorities and work with you to craft a clear message that shows remorse if necessary.

Indiana Penalties for DUI Conviction

Drunk driving is a serious offense that comes with severe consequences in Indiana. If you are caught driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or more, you will be charged with operating while intoxicated (OWI). The penalties for a first-time conviction can include license suspension for up to two years, fines of up to $5,000, and up to one year in jail.

For subsequent convictions, the penalties can become even more severe, including longer jail sentences and higher fines. In addition to legal consequences, drunk driving can also have personal and social repercussions, including higher insurance rates, strained relationships, and even loss of employment. It’s important to remember that one poor decision can potentially affect the rest of your life, and the lives of those around you.


By hiring an experienced DUI defense attorney, you are taking action towards minimizing DUI penalties that come with a drunk driving arrest. A knowledgeable OWI lawyer can help build a strong defense on your behalf by challenging evidence presented by prosecutors at each step in the process. They can also provide guidance and advice to ensure that you are fully prepared for court proceedings and sentencing hearings. With the right legal representation, you may be able to reduce or dismiss your charges altogether, avoiding long-term consequences associated with a DUI conviction.

It is essential to work with an experienced DUI lawyer directly after your drunk driving arrest. Contact Attorney David E. Lewis at 317-636-7514 to speak with a seasoned DUI defense lawyer in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our law firm will get you the best possible outcome to your drunk driving case!

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The Potential Consequences of a DUI Arrest in Indiana

Getting arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in Indiana can be a devastating experience. Not only do you face potential jail time and fines, but you also run the risk of long-term consequences that could follow you for years to come. A DUI conviction can lead to restrictions on your license, higher insurance rates, and difficulty finding employment or housing. That’s why it is essential to have an experienced DUI attorney representing your case if you find yourself facing charges.

In this blog post, we will discuss what happens after a DUI arrest in Indiana and how hiring a lawyer can help protect your rights and minimize any potential repercussions. We’ll look at some of the common penalties associated with drunk driving convictions as well as other ways a criminal record can negatively impact your life going forward. Finally, we’ll explain why working with an experienced DUI attorney is key when navigating the complexities of Indiana’s drunk driving laws.

Call 317-636-7514 to Speak With a Skilled DUI Attorney in Indianapolis.
Call 317-636-7514 to Speak With a Skilled DUI Attorney in Indianapolis.

Indiana Penalties For DUI Arrests and Crimes

In Indiana, the penalties for DUI can vary depending on a few factors. If you are arrested for DUI and have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 percent or higher, then you may face a Class C misdemeanor charge. This could result in up to 60 days in jail and up to $500 in fines. If your BAC is 0.15% or higher, it’s considered an “aggravated” DUI offense and carries even harsher penalties such as longer jail time and steeper fines. You may also receive additional charges if there was property damage or injury involved in the incident.

DUI Convictions Go on Your Criminal Record Forever

If convicted of a drunk driving offense, your driver’s license will likely be suspended anywhere from 30 days to 2 years. You may also be subject to special restrictions, such as installing an ignition interlock device (IID) in your vehicle or attending alcohol treatment courses. In addition, you will likely have to pay additional fees and assessments for reinstating your license once the suspension period is over.

What’s more, a DUI conviction can stay on your criminal record for life and may appear in background checks conducted by potential employers or landlords. This could make it difficult to get hired for certain jobs or find suitable housing in the future. You may qualify to have your records expunged or sealed, but you would have to wait at least 5 to 8 years before you are eligible to apply. Additionally, insurance companies typically raise rates after a DUI conviction — sometimes up to double what you were paying before — which can make auto insurance prohibitively expensive.

Hiring a DUI Attorney is Critical to Your Future and Freedoms

Given the serious nature of DUI charges in Indiana, it’s essential to have an experienced attorney who understands the intricacies of state and federal drunk driving laws. Your best defense strategy is to hire a skilled DUI attorney. An experienced DUI lawyer can construct a persuasive argument for an acquittal or a lesser sentence on your behalf. They know what legal avenues to explore, how to challenge evidence or police procedure errors, and how to take advantage of their experience to get the outcome you want. With the right DUI attorney in Indianapolis by your side, you can provide the most effective defense against the prosecution’s accusations.

So, don’t fight drunk driving charges alone — hire an experienced DWI attorney today for the best defense. A seasoned Indianapolis drunk driving lawyer can help build a strong defense against your charges and ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process. They will also be able to explain any plea bargains or other options that may be available to you, as well as their potential consequences.

By taking the steps outlined in this blog post, you can be better informed and prepared to face the potential consequences of a DUI arrest. Start the process of your DUI defense by hiring the Law Office of David E. Lewis in Indianapolis, Indiana. We work aggressively to get you the best possible outcome in court, including saving your driving privileges.

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You Have 10 Days to Protect Your Indiana Drivers’ License After an OWI

Were you just let out of jail after being arrested for drunk driving or intoxicated driving? If so, beware. A licensed criminal defense lawyer (not a public defender) only has 10 days to save your driving privileges in Indianapolis, so get on the phone and call a trusted DUI attorney in Indiana, today!

Don’t let an OWI arrest hold you back from reliable transportation when it does not have to. After all, your income matters more now than it ever has before, and a vehicle is a reliable way to get back and forth from work. And being in trouble with the law is not cheap, especially if you face jail time. You might also have children in need of transportation to and from daycare, school, and activities.

Continue below to learn how to protect your drivers’ license in Indiana after being arrested on inebriated driving charges in Indianapolis.

DUI Attorneys Indianapolis Indiana 317-636-7514
DUI Attorneys Indianapolis Indiana 317-636-7514

Specialized Driving Privileges (SDP)

Were you recently arrested on a drink driving charge in Indiana? If you didn’t refuse a chemical test, and it hasn’t been 10 days since the arrest, you may qualify to have your driving privileges saved from suspension! What was once called a “hardship” or “probationary” license is now referred to a “specialized driving privileges” (SDP) in Indiana.

It is vital to call Attorney David E. Lewis as soon as possible following an OWI charge in Marion County to see if you have a chance at being granted specialized driving privileges. Depending on several factors, a judge can choose to grant a wide spectrum of driving authorizations for an offender. They may only allow a person to drive to and from school or work, or simply allow offenders to drive during specified times of the day. They may also assign an ignition interlock device on their vehicle to prevent future intoxicated driving if they are a habitual offender.

How to Reinstate a Drivers’ License After a DUI

Contact the Law Office of David E. Lewis at 317-636-7514 to learn more about your Indianapolis drunk driving charges, including how to reinstate your drivers; license, how to avoid the maximum penalties for your crime, and more. Our Indianapolis IN criminal defense law firm offers a wide range of criminal defense, from OWI charges and drug possession charges to felony crimes, misdemeanor crimes, white collar crimes, criminal record expungements, and more. You can count on our aggressive representation to preserve your rights and protect your freedoms after being arrested for drunk driving or drugged driving in Indiana.

How to Get Started With a Meeting

Are you worried about your driving privileges and pending DUI criminal charges in Indiana? Contact Attorney David E. Lewis at 317-636-7514 to schedule a free initial consultation with a seasoned DUI defense lawyer in Indianapolis, Indiana. We also represent defendants charged in Indiana but who live in another state.

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Do I Need a Criminal Lawyer to Reinstate My Suspended License?

Has your license been suspended? Whether your license was suspended recently or some time ago, it is never too early or too late to fight it. If you wish to have your driving privileges reinstated, your best chance at success is to retain the counsel of a skilled and experienced Indianapolis criminal defense lawyer.

Continue below to learn why a lawyer is important to the outcome of your driving future and freedoms, as well as how to get started on your petition to turn around your suspended drivers’ license in Indiana.

Indianapolis Indiana DUI Lawyers 317-636-7514
Indianapolis Indiana DUI Lawyers 317-636-7514

Facts About Suspended Driving Privileges in Indiana

Drivers’ licenses are suspended for a variety of reasons, most commonly, serious traffic violation citations and excessive speeding tickets or accumulated points. Another frequent reason licenses are suspended are due to intoxicated driving arrests. If a person is arrested for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other controlled substance, they will likely be subjected to a suspended drivers’ license as part of their sentencing.

Also, if a driver refuses a breath or chemical test from a law enforcement officer, the driver’s driving privileges are instantly suspended for 6 months in Indiana. At the time of registration, all drivers agree to this penalty. You must sign in accordance with this regulation if you want to be a legally, registered driver.

Most drivers’ license suspensions fall between 90 days and 6 months, but some can be ordered to up to 5 years, including probationary driving terms. Additional reasons why drivers’ licenses are suspended:

▷ Lack of Auto Insurance
▷ 18+ Active Points
▷ Driving While Suspended
▷ Failure to Appear for Court
▷ Past Due on Indiana Traffic Ticket
▷ Failure to Pay Traffic Fine

How to Reinstate a Suspended Drivers’ License

First and foremost, to anyone who has been charged with a DUI/OWI, you only have 10 DAYS from the time of arrest to protect your driving privileges. Act FAST and contact an Indianapolis criminal attorney as soon as you have access to a phone. Those charged or convicted of a DUI may be entitled to a “hardship” or “probationary” license, which is now referred to as specialized driving privileges (SDP).

For all other suspended drivers’ license cases, it is still required to hire a skilled criminal lawyer for help recovering your driving privileges. They will ensure that all proper forms and documents for license reinstatement are completed properly and on time, and then fight for your driving rights and freedoms in Indiana traffic court and appellate court.

During the reinstatement process, your attorney can help get your active points reduced or eliminated from your driving record, direct you on how to pay fines and make restitution, help you enroll in a driver’s safety program, and even have your name removed from the Previously Uninsured Motorists registry.

Not sure who to trust with your drivers’ license reinstatement legal needs? Contact the Law Office of David E. Lewis at 317-636-7514 to connect with one of our esteemed criminal defense attorneys in Indianapolis, Indiana. We can meet over the phone, via online video conference, or in person at our office.

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Possible Drivers’ License Options Following a DUI Conviction

A DUI charge, short for driving under the influence, can result from operating a vehicle drunk, high, or otherwise inebriated on a controlled substance or narcotic. Regardless of how your DUI came about, you might want to put your attention towards your driving rights. This is especially important for those who rely on a vehicle for the sake of work, school, or children.

If you are facing DUI charges in Indiana, continue reading to learn what might happen to your drivers’ license status, including upon conviction.

Indianapolis Drunk Driving Lawyer
Indianapolis Drunk Driving Lawyer 317-636-7514

Indiana Drivers’ License Penalties for DUI’s

Here in Indiana, it is important to know that OWI, DUI, and DWI are used interchangeably. This means they are refer to the same offense. With that being said, what happens to a defendant’s drivers’ licensed following a DUI conviction will vary depending the factors surrounding their arrest. Such factors may include the type of DUI, criminal enhancements (which amplify offense to higher charges), criminal record, and driving history. Common penalties often include jail time, probation, and fines. But all DUI convictions come with a drivers’ license suspension.

DUI Drivers’ License Suspensions in Indiana:
1st Offense – License Suspended 3 Months to 2 Years
2nd Offense – License Suspended 6 Months to 2 Years
3rd Offense – License Suspended 12 Months – 10 Years

↳ DUI w/a Passenger Under 18 Years Old
↳ DUI Causing a Person Bodily Injury
↳ DUI Causing a Person’s Death
↳ BAC of 0.15% or More

Hardship License

When a person is convicted of a DUI, their license is suspended for at least 3 months, and up to 3 years. However, after 3 months, they may have the option to file for a “hardship license”, or probationary license, which allows them to only drive to and from work and school. A skilled DUI attorney can get you a hardship license without fail.

SR22 Auto Insurance

Another consequence of a DUI conviction is almost always the need for SR22 auto insurance. This is high risk auto insurance policies that convicted drivers must have for 3 years following an arrest. It is expensive and hard to find, but a skilled DUI lawyer can help you get the insurance you need.

Driving Record Points

A first-time DUI conviction will land a person 8 points on their driving record. More serious DUI convictions will add even more points to a person’s driving record. After so many points, driving privileges become restricted, suspended, or revoked. In other cases, too many points on a driving record will result in mandatory drivers’ education classes to reinstate licensed or return it to good-standing.

Contact a DUI Criminal Defense Lawyer Today

Call 317-636-7514 to schedule a consultation with aggressive Indianapolis DUI defense lawyer, David E. Lewis. He will stop at nothing to protect your rights and preserve your freedoms. With decades of hands-on experience, you can trust Attorney David E. Lewis to build you a strong and impactful defense against your Indiana drunk driving charges. Call 317-636-7514 to schedule a free initial consultation for Indianapolis criminal defense, today.

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Indiana’s Specialized Driving Privileges May Be Your Solution to a Suspended License

Indianapolis Criminal Defense 317-636-7514

Indianapolis Criminal Defense 317-636-7514

Was your license suspended by the court? Or perhaps the DMV? For whatever reason your licensed was temporarily suspended, you may still have a chance to get your driving privileges back. What was once referred to as “hardship” or “probationary” licenses, is now called “specialized driving privileges (SDP). This change takes place under Indiana Code 9-30-16. Continue reading to learn what SDP really is, and how to find out if you qualify.

What is SPD?

Specialized driving privileges can be given to those whose drivers’ licenses have been suspended for a temporary amount of time. They can only be granted by a court, and vary depending on a judge’s discretion. A judge will decide the limits and extent of a person’s SDP’s by taking into consideration their past records and current traffic or driving infractions. Habitual traffic offenders and serious violators will be less likely to have lenient driving authorization, whereas a person who’s been charged with their first DUI may be given more rights. If your license has been permanently revoked, you would not be eligible for SDPs in Indiana.


Indianapolis Criminal Defense

Indianapolis Criminal Defense 317-636-7514

Specialized driving privileges can include a wide spectrum of driving consents. But again, the extent of permission is entirely up to the court. A judge may allow a person to drive to and from work, to and from school, to and from daycare, or simple drive during certain specified times of the day. They may also allow you to drive anywhere and anytime you like, with the condition of an ignition interlock device (IID), which prohibits drivers from starting their vehicles under the influence of alcohol.


Specialized driving privileges, when granted, are usually given for at least 180 days. Those who qualify and do not qualify for SDPs include a broad range of people. For instance, the legislature decided that SDPs do NOT apply to those who have never had a valid drivers’ license, who have a commercial drivers’ license (CDL), and who have refused a chemical test (IN 9-30-6).

However, those who DO qualify include:

• Habitual Traffic Violators (HTV)
• DUI Suspensions
• OWI Suspensions
• OVWI Suspensions
• Insurance Suspensions
• Court-Ordered Suspensions
• BMV Suspensions
• Unpaid Traffic Tickets
• And More

Criminal Defense in Indiana

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Defense Lawyer 317-636-7514

Call David E. Lewis, Attorney at Law, at 317-636-7514 for aggressive criminal defense in Indiana. He will fight around the clock to build a strong and impactful defense against your criminal charges, all to protect your rights and preserve your freedoms. He offers free initial consultations to discuss your criminal charges and determine the best route for defense. Call 317-636-7514 today to schedule your appointment, and get started on a path to a better future.