What Happens if I Violate My Probation in Indiana?

You are on probation because the courts decided you do not need to be in jail to serve out your criminal sentence. Although you are not in jail, being on probation has many restrictions and rules. Breaking any of these terms and conditions of probation will lead to a probation violation. What happens if you violate your probation in Indiana? Continue reading to learn what you need to know about violations of probation.

Probation Violation Attorney Indianapolis Indiana 317-636-7514
Probation Violation Attorney Indianapolis Indiana 317-636-7514

After a Probation Violation

Once you are assumed to have violated the terms of your probation, the overseeing probation officer assigned to your case will notify the courts. Then a probation violation hearing will be scheduled. If you are on probation for a felony conviction, an arrest warrant will be issued to take you into custody as soon as possible.

Law enforcement will come to your house or place of employment. If you were convicted of a lesser criminal offense, such as a misdemeanor or infraction, you will likely just be notified of the hearing and expected to arrive on time.

Probation Violation Hearing

At the probation violation hearing, the judge will decide whether to revoke your probation and place you in jail, prolong your probation, or dismiss the violation altogether. Either way, if you are ever in violation of your probation, it is critical to hire an Indianapolis criminal defense lawyer immediately.

During the hearing, prosecution will use all sorts of legal tactics to prove that you in fact violated the terms and conditions of your probation. Prosecution simply needs to prove their case with a preponderance of the evidence, which is a legal term that basically means they have enough proof to show you are more likely than not in violation of your probation.

Determined to Be in Violation

If prosecution is successful and the court decides you have in fact violated your probation, your probation sentence could be revoked, and you could be sent to jail. The amount of time you’ll be sentenced to jail will depend on the Indiana sentencing guidelines for the particular offense you are convicted of.

With a skilled Indianapolis Indiana criminal defense attorney, you can feel confident that jail time will not be an end result to your probation violation hearing. An experienced lawyer can build an impactful case against your probation violation charges and negotiate a more lenient sentence on your behalf. They may even be able to throw your violation allegation out of court altogether.

Are you looking for a criminal defense law firm to help you beat your probation violation in Indiana? Contact the Law Office of David E. Lewis at 317-636-7514 for skilled criminal defense for probation violations in Indianapolis. We represent juveniles and adults all throughout the state of Indiana.

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