Possible Penalties and Convictions for Making Counterfeit Money

When you are breaking the law, you usually know it. But what you can’t accurately imagine are the possible penalties for your crimes if ever caught and convicted. As for counterfeiting U.S. money, the scope of consequences and convictions are considerable. If you are currently producing fake United States currency, or have been recently indicted on counterfeiting charges, it is in your best interest to learn what might come of your arrest if convicted in the end.

Continue reading to learn more about counterfeit money offenses and possible penalties, including where to get the aggressive criminal defense you need to avoid a white collar conviction, or in the least, a jail sentence.

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White Collar Crimes

The offense of counterfeiting United States money falls under the category of white collar crimes. Such crimes are those that generally involve illegally draining the revenue and profits of a business or local economy. Common examples include extortion, money laundering, insider trading, and of course, counterfeiting. When it comes to counterfeiting white collar crimes, forgeries of currency are the most common, but it can also include other types of crimes, such as car parts, watches, handbags, electronics, clothing, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Penalties for Money Counterfeiting

The penalties and convictions for money counterfeiting crimes in the United States vary from state to state, and depend on several other factors, such as the severity of the crime and quantity of funds counterfeited. In all cases, counterfeiting money is a federal level offense, also known as a felony.

Here in Indiana, the possible level of offenses and penalties for forging U.S. currency are as follows:

πŸ’° Forgery – Level 6 Felony – 2 to 9 Years in Prison – Up to $10,000 Fines

πŸ’° Counterfeiting – Level 5 Felony – 6 Months to 3 Years in Jail – Up to $10,000 Fines

*Indiana Code Section 35-43-5-1 and 35-43-5-2 (Forgery/Counterfeiting)

Using Counterfeit Money

The act of producing and distributing forged U.S. currency is a Federal offense. So is the act of using counterfeit money; that is, if you are aware that it is fake. This is known as intentional fraud, which is a felony, the same as manufacturing counterfeit money. If you discover that you are in possession of forged currency, even if you unintentionally used some, notify authorities (a bank or police) immediately to avoid legal repercussions. A person can only be convicted of manufacturing or using fake money if it can be proven beyond a doubt they did so knowingly.

If federal agents suspect you of committing the crime of money currency, they will indict you on such charges, and then obtain a legal order to confiscate any and all personal belongings and equipment suspected of being used to commit the crime, including all electronics. Your first priority at the moment of being arrested or indicted on money counterfeiting charges is to remain silent and obtain legal counsel as soon as possible. A white collar lawyer in Indiana can build a strong defense and help you evade conviction or the maximum penalties.

Where to Find a Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer in Indiana

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