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Information Regarding Indiana Restraining Orders

In Indiana, a person who has become a victim of stalking, domestic violence, or a sexual offense can seek an order of protection against their offender. Protective orders are enforced by law and forbid offenders from making any form of contact with the person the order protects.They are free and generally stay active for 2 years.A court might grant an “ex-parte order” if a petition involves family or domestic violence. This means the restraining order is approved immediately, without first having a hearing, but a hearing must take place within 30 days if possession of property or children are involved. Also in the case of an ex parte order, both parties can request a court hearing within 30 days of the order being issued.

At these hearings, courts readdress the constituents of protection orders and determine the proper restraints, including child visitation, financial payments, gun restrictions and more. All other petitions for protective orders must first be scheduled a hearing before being granted by the courts. For those who are granted a restraining order, it is advised to keep a copy of the document with them at all times.
Violation of Restraining Order Charges
Violation of a restraining order can lead to misdemeanor charges and subsequent penalties. If someone has issued a restraining order against you, and you believe it to be unjust, contact an attorney that can provide the necessary counsel needed to understand your allegations and determine the most effective defense. Similarly, if you have recently been charged with violating a protective order in Indiana, you need the right representation to prevent you from facing the maximum penalties. Call David E. Lewis, Attorney at Law, at 317-636-7514 for help with restraining order charges in Indiana. He will immediately get to work on your case, making your best interests his top priority.
Are You The Respondent to a Restraining Order in Indiana?

If you are facing domestic violence charges in Indiana, it is likely that you are also a respondent of a protective order. Get help from a knowledgeable and experienced criminal lawyer to protect your assets, freedom, and your constitutional rights. Attorney David E. Lewis knows the struggles people face, or will eventually face, after being restricted by a protective order. Courts can decide to force you to leave your home, cut off contact with your children, and much more. David E. Lewis knows how Indiana’s court and prosecution process works, and knows the people that are behind the system. His knowledge of the law coupled with his litigation experience will guarantee that your legal matters are handled professionally.

Types of Indiana Restraining Orders:
All petitions for protection orders must be filed electronically in Indiana. A person can petition for an order of protection by visiting their county’s Circuit Court Clerk’s Office and using their resources to file electronically, or you may download and file the forms yourself online (see below). For questions about restraining orders in Indianapolis, call Attorney David E. Lewis at 317-6367514 for information you can trust.

To Download and File for Restraining Orders, go here.

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