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Drug Possession Charges and Criminal Defense in Indiana

Drug possession is a common crime in Indiana, and includes a wide spectrum of offenses involving illegal street drugs, prescription drugs, synthetic drugs, precursors, paraphernalia, and more. Its penalties range in severity, from probation and fines, all the way to jail time and felony convictions. The more serious the drug and the larger the amount you have of it, the more serious the level of punishment will be for the crime. If you have been charged with drug possession, you can expect to face some serious penalties. For a stronger chance at reducing or dismissing drug possession charges in Indiana, you must hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer for responsible legal guidance and aggressive representation.
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Attorney David E. Lewis has handled hundreds of drug possession cases, and has obtained numerous successful outcomes for his clients. He is well-versed in Indiana’s drug laws, and knows how to use the legal system to your advantage to fight your case. He never backs down, and will stop at nothing to make sure your future and good name are preserved and protected. His unrelenting advocacy for your well-being sets him apart from other firms in the city, and will keep you emotionally intact and comfortable throughout your criminal legal proceedings. Whether charged with simple possession or drug possession with intent to distribute, he is driven and determined to get results. Call our office today at 317-636-7514 and schedule a FREE CASE EVALUATION today.

Common Drug Possession Offenses
Possession w/Intent to Distribute
Trafficking / Dealing

Possible Drug Possession Defenses
Illegal Search & Seizure
Mistakes in Case Facts
Constructive Possession
Personal Use Possession
Lack of Intent / Knowledge
InfancyAge 16 & Under

After being charged with possession of drugs, it is important to start learning what you are up against. Such charges can cause an instant ripple effect in your life. On top of the immediate damage to your reputation and hefty fines, drug possession charges can lead to loss of employment, driving privileges, child custody, financial aid benefits, housing, and much more. Most importantly, you can lose your freedom. For this reason, it is critical to have an aggressive defense attorney behind you all the way.

David E. Lewis, Attorney at Law, maintains constant, open communication with his clients throughout the entire legal process. He makes sure you are fully-aware of your case status, what to expect, and how to defend your constitutional rights. He keeps you informed of every relevant detail so you remain comfortable and confident during your criminal proceedings. He has the knowledge and skill to gain a better-quality outcome in court, either in the form of reduced sentences and alternative sentencing agreements, or dismissed cases altogether. Call him today at 317-636-7514 so he can begin the process of building your custom defense.

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