How to Keep Yourself Safe During a Cop Stop

From police brutality and abuse of authority to the BLM movement and beyond, cop stops have taken on a more serious stigma in recent times. If not careful, anyone may potentially be subjected to an unsafe cop stop. In just a few short moments, police encounters can evolve into dangerous and self-incriminating situations for those who are being detained.

Continue reading to learn how to keep yourself safe during a cop stop, plus who to contact in Indiana if you have been wrongfully charged with a crime or mistreated by law enforcement during an arrest.

Wrongful Arrest Lawyer Indianapolis Indiana 317-636-7514
Wrongful Arrest Lawyer Indianapolis Indiana 317-636-7514

Ways to Stay Safe During a Police Encounter

Whether you are being pulled over in your vehicle by a police officer on the road, stopped by a law enforcement official on the street for questioning, or visited by one at your house, there are plenty of Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind in order to keep yourself safe from harm and undo arrest. Even if you are visiting the police station to be interviewed for information you might have on recent crime, it is important to utilize these tips for the same reasons.

What To Do During a Cop Stop

In the case of all police encounters, these are the top 4 most important things to do to keep yourself safe from harm or an unjust arrest:


Getting Pulled Over in Your Car

If you are getting pulled over by a police officer while driving, begin to slow down at a safe pace, then immediately pull over to the right side of the road. Remain in the driver’s seat until the law enforcement official approaches. Never attempt to get out of your car nor switch spots within the vehicle.

If the police officer asks to search your car, you can legally tell them no. They may search your car anyway; in such case, it is important to remain calm and continue cooperating. You can safely address this wrongdoing later on with an attorney by your side.

In the case that a police office suspects you have been drinking alcohol and wants you to take a breathalyzer or field sobriety test, if you do not comply, your drivers’ license will be automatically suspended for 6 months. This is an agreement you make when you register your vehicle with the state. If this happens, you have 10 days from the time of arrest to have it reinstated. If you miss the deadline, you may qualify for other possible drivers’ license options following a DUI.

Being Frisked By Police

When being searched and patted down by a police officer, it is important to demonstrate the top four key principles, which include keeping your hands visible, keeping still, staying calm, and being patient. You never want to resist when a cop is trying to pat you down or search you.

Being Visited at Your House By a Cop

If a cop decides to come by your home to question you or serve you, it is important to first ensure they are actually an official law enforcement officer. This is easy to do with a polite and simple request to view their badge. Never have an attitude with the police officer at your door.

You do not have to allow the police officer inside unless they have a search warrant. Be sure to check that it is a valid search warrant if a cop declares they have one. It is also recommended to ask another occupant (preferably an adult) within the home to join you as a witness to the encounter.

Getting Arrested During a Traffic Stop

In the case that you are being arrested after being pulled over by police, there are a few things you can do to ensure the best possible outcome in addition to the four key principles mentioned before. First ask the police office to lock your vehicle. The cops may allow you to do it yourself if you are cooperating and being polite.

Obey the police officer to the fullest extent but remain as quiet as possible. Try not to ignore them if they’re asking questions. You can simply state, “I am not trying to be rude, but I do not wish to speak until my lawyer is present.” Never resist or attempt to put your hands on a police officer during cop traffic stop. Simply remain calm and still. If you are minor, ask the police officer if you can call your parents.

Do you believe that you are wrongly arrested and charged with a crime in Indiana? Do you believe you were illegally mistreated during a cop stop? Contact the Law Office of David E. Lewis at 317-636-7514 to connect with one of our esteemed criminal defense attorneys in Indianapolis, Indiana. We can meet over the phone, via online video conference, or in person at our office.

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