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When you are arrested for, suspected of, or charged with a crime in Indiana, it is important to act quickly by securing the services of a licensed criminal defense law firm. The means by which you respond when facing criminal charges can alter your life forever. This is why it is so vital to retain a knowledgeable and experienced defense attorney that can manage your case and preserve your constitutional freedoms. Hire a licensed criminal lawyer as soon as you are aware of any potential criminal charges against you so that you may get on the proper path toward safe guarding your rights and obtaining a better legal outcome. Do this and there will be no longer be a need to worry about where to start following an arrest.

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We recognize that an arrest is a scary and stressful event in a person’s life, as well as the lives of their loved ones. For this reason, we are always there for our clients; providing comfort, answers, and unwavering support. We are our clients’ greatest advocates and only want what’s fair for them and their families. We promise to not only build a custom, personalized defense based on our client’s unique case, but to also never give up or back down when facing road blocks, prosecutors, and more. We vow to never pass judgement on anyone, and to always treat our clients with respect.

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David E. Lewis, Attorney at Law
David E. Lewis, Attorney at Law, has accumulated extensive trial and litigation experience since graduating from Indiana University Law School in 1990. But his aptitude of criminal law doesn’t just stem from education and books, but rather from his real-life experiences and trial situations. Because of his comprehensive understanding of Indiana criminal law, he is confident in his ability to obtain exceptional outcomes for his clients no matter how minor or serious their criminal charges are against them. Hire David E. Lewis today so that you can have a increased chance at getting your legal charges dropped or reduced in Indiana. His expertise and compassion are the two principle attributes that set his practice apart from others here in Indianapolis.
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If under investigation or charged with a crime in Indiana, your future and freedom could be in jeopardy. Your next few moves could greatly influence and impact your case, so having an adept defense attorney on your side is a monumental advantage for yourself and your future. Here at The Law Office of David E. Lewis, we are ready to be your number-one advocate through this difficult time in your life. Trust our legal professionals to develop a strong defense for your case and work around the clock to place you in the best position possible following an arrest, charge, or conviction.

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