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Notice to Appear in Indiana Courts

A “Notice to Appear” is an official government document used by the Indiana court systems to reduce the need for arrests, and stream line the attendance process for those suspected of committing lesser crimes. Typically 1 to 3 pages long,these documents formally request a person’s presence in court for a suspected crime. They are generally reserved for misdemeanor crimes, like public intoxication and possession of drug paraphernalia, and command that a person appear in front of a judge within 10 days and answer to the criminal charges against them.

NTA documents will contain vital information pertinent to a person’s case, including the allegations against them and the time, date, and location for them to appear in court. Missed court dates are serious violations as well, and penalized as separate offenses, so it is vitally important to understand the information in a Notice to Appear and properly prepare for the appearance. Anyone who is issued a Notice to Appear must immediately retain legal counsel since they will soon be in court facing criminal charges.
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If you have received a Notice to Appear in Indiana, it is time to call a licensed criminal defense attorney that will protect your rights and preserve your freedoms. Attorney David E. Lewis has extensive trial and litigation experience, and can provide tough and aggressive legal representation for those facing criminal charges in Indiana.It is important to prepare your defense as soon as possible since prosecution has already starting building their case against you. David E. Lewis, Attorney at Law, will instantly get to work on your case, using every resource in his power to fight your criminal charges and obtain the fairest possible resolution to your case. Call his office today at 317-636-7514 and schedule a FREE CASE EVALUATION to discuss your allegations and prepare a strong defense.
It is normal to feel scared and confused after being issued a Notice to Appear in the mail. You may not understand the criminal charges you face, or even remember being involved in any activity that could have made you a suspect, leaving you fearful for your future and your freedom. Here at the Law Office of David E. Lewis, we understand how troubling legal matters can be for a family, and how they only seem to arrive at the most inconvenient time. For this reason, we stay devoted to being our client’s number one advocate through the entire criminal process, start to finish. David E. Lewis, Attorney at Law, stays prepared around the clock to fight his client’s criminal charges and protect their best interests at any cost.

If you have been served a Notice to Appear, you could be facing a long list of penalties, including jail time, suspended driver’s license, hefty fines, loss of employment, sex offender registry, and much more. It is important to act fast and retain legal counsel before your scheduled court date in order to get a head start on your defense. Trust Attorney David E. Lewis to craft an impenetrable defense to fight your criminal allegations and gain the most favorable resolution possible to your case. Call his office today at 317-636-7514 to learn your rights and get started on the path to justice.

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