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Trafficking Charges and Criminal Defense in Indiana

When arrested and charged with drug possession in Indiana, you face a certain degree of penalties and fines; but add in the intent to sell or distribute, and you can expect much harsher levels of punishment. Indiana is strict about their trafficking and drug dealing laws, and aims to set an example with every case. This means harsher penalties, extreme fines, and longer prison time. In order to avoid jail time and other severe penalties, you must have a tough legal defense.

To get the aggressive legal defense you need for your drug dealing case, hire Attorney David E. Lewis today. He gets to work instantly on your case, building a custom defense that expertly challenges every aspect of your trafficking charges. Reduced sentences and alternative plea deals are a reality when you have a trusted trafficking lawyer on your side. Get started on the path to freedom and relief by calling 317-636-7514 and scheduling a FREE CASE CONSULTATION today.
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Common Drug Trafficking Offenses
Preparation / Packaging
Shipping / Transporting
Possible Drug Trafficking Defenses
Illegal Search & Seizure
Mistakes in Case Facts
Suppression of Evidence
No Probable Cause for Search
Drug Mis-Identification

Drug trafficking at any volume is an automatic felony charge in Indiana. With a felony conviction on the line, the quality of your future solely depends on your legal defense against these charges. If you are facing drug dealing charges, your best option for the possibility of a reduced sentence or dismissed case is to hire an experienced drug trafficking lawyer to expertly craft your defense and ensure your rights are not being violated in any way. David E. Lewis, Attorney at Law, will give your defense the edge it needs to fight your allegations and obtain a better-quality outcome in the end.Call us today at 317-636-7514 to start your path to justice and keep your future secure.

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