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Sex Crimes and Criminal Defense in Indiana

Sex crimes are extremely serious, emotionally-charged felony offenses that seem to carry the most stigma. In fact, it is not the long prison sentences and steep fines that makes them so detrimental to a person’s life. That is because those charged with a sex crime often experience extreme segregation and judgement. Even close friends and family have been known to make false assumptions before a person can clear their good name. Aside from emotional struggles and legal consequences, anyone convicted of a sex crime is forced to register as a sex offender in a national public database that is free for anyone to view. For the rest of their lives, they have to carry around the shame of being labeled a “sexual deviant” and reveal this label every time they apply for a job, rent a home, move into a new community, or go on a date.

The consequences of sex crimes were made to never stop punishing. Therefore, facing sex crime charges is a complex legal and personal matter that can only get better with the guidance and support of a tough sex crime lawyer. David E. Lewis, Attorney at Law, has built his practice around his commitment to protecting his clients’ freedoms and refusing defeat, even against all odds. No matter how serious the charges are that you face, sex crime attorney David E. Lewis will be your number one advocate from beginning to end. He possesses the protective and aggressive criminal defense you need to beat sex crime charges and save your reputation. It’s time to make the most important phone call of your life. Contact his office today at 317-636-7514 and request a free consultation to evaluate your case and start safe-guarding your independence.

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Sex crime charges are so severe, they require instant and effective legal attention. Without the help of an aggressive criminal lawyer with experience in sex crime litigation, there is NOTHING preventing you from receiving the maximum penalties set forth by federal law. To drastically improve the odds of your case results, it is critical to hire Attorney David E. Lewis right away. By crafting a powerful defense on your behalf, and using the law to your favor, he can get sexual crime charges significantly reduced or dismissed. He works side-by-side with you throughout the entire legal process, and ensures you are made available all the necessary resources to make your case proceedings as comfortable as possible. The right representation can save you from extensive legal strife and a lifetime of discrimination. Call The Law Office of David E. Lewis at 317-636-7514 to secure your rights and protect your future today.

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