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Homicide Charges and Criminal Defense in Indiana

Homicide is one of the most severe crimes a person can commit. Homicidal conduct, the act of killing another person, is a felony offense that comes with some of the harshest levels of punishment within the Indiana penal system, including the life in prison and the death penalty. If you are facing homicide charges in Indiana, it is critical to get an experienced and aggressive murder attorney who can protect you from capital punishment and reduce your criminal charges.

Call David E. Lewis at 317-636-7514 and SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION to take the first step toward building your defense strategy. He is an advocate for his clients, and stops at nothing when it comes to safeguarding their freedoms. He provides side-by-side, personalized attention, doesn’t look at you as just another case to push through the system. With him in your corner, you can finally rest at night knowing he is using every resource in his power to defend your rights and protect your future.
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Homicide is a common result of violent disputes, and generally involves additional crimes like hate crimes or gang activity. There are two types of homicide crimes: manslaughter and murder. The difference between them depends on whether or not the crime was premeditated, accidental, or in the heat of the moment. In cases of manslaughter crimes, a person can be charged with either “voluntary” or “involuntary” manslaughter. The level of punishment for both depends on several factors, including the age of the defendant and the victim, and how the victim was killed.

Not all homicide attorneys are qualified enough to obtain the fairest possible resolution for your case, so it is imperative to choose one that has extensive criminal litigation and trial experience. David E. Lewis, Attorney at Law, is more than qualified for the job and will stop at nothing to get his client’s charges dropped or reduced. Over the course of many years and countless cases, he has developed a comprehensive understanding of the Indiana prosecution and criminal process, and how the government evaluates murder cases. This intellectual advantage gives him an upper-hand when challenging homicide charges during trials. He sharply uses the law in his favor to resolve homicide cases in a way that supports his clients’ best interests.

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If you have recently been arrested and charged with a crime, now is the time to hire a tough and experienced criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and lead you to the justice you deserve. Knowing your rights and understanding the justice system can be very confusing; so never listen to law enforcement officials that tell you it’s not possible to avoid conviction or receive a reduced sentence.
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Even if you believe the crime you are charged with is too serious to avoid jail time or extended sentencing, just remember that you always have options. This is why you need the professional guidance of a licensed criminal lawyer that has your best interests at heart. Call Attorney David E. Lewis at 317-636-7514 for aggressive and proficient criminal defense representation in Indiana.
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